Party Linkup App


to the simple and exciting way to promote public party events, share private event invites with your friends and family. Plus get notifications about party events happening in your area.

For Party Promoters

This app provides a simple, quick and inexpensive way to promote your party events to hundreds of people in seconds. Users can promote an event while at the same time get feed back on how many viewers are interested in attending the event. See below for some advantages of using this app to promote your next party event.

  • Reduce the cost of printing hundreds of flyers: just post your flyer once and hundreds of people will see it in seconds.

  • Video upload option: get your viewers excited by uploading promotional videos.

  • Know how many people show interest in your event.

  • Event reminder: once viewers click the interested tab your event will be linked to their phone calendar and alert viewers when your event date approaches.